Am I prepared for field work?

not me I swear

Have I got everything? Charity shop trousers, charity shop shirts (just for field work, honest) everything various shades of green, brown and beige to best hide the accumulated dirt. Where the hell did I leave the European plug adapter? Passport, still in data *phew* imodium (crickets wait for no man, or his bowels…).

Travel? EasyJet of course, no chance this PhD student gets to travel any other way. Travel in Spain; ah sod it I’ll work it out when I get there. Trains in Spain go mainly to the plain, right?

Food? Chorizo all day every day=happy days. Hopefully the crickets won’t mind the breath. Hmm, guess I will need to “lose” some stuff while I’m there to make room for extra chorizo in the luggage. Worth it.

Drink? Turns out I get out of Cornwall and I still can’t escape the bloody cider, it’s a speciality where I’m going as well.

Accommodation? Random house share with some Spanish students, could either be amazing (picturing gorgeous English language students) or terrible (surely awkward silences when they don’t speak English is ok?). Not that I have any say in what or where it is, I will be just using it for sleeping after all.

Nearly 7 weeks outside of the UK, how will I cope? How will I deal with daily sun, cured meat, fiestas…..Hang on, are my plane tickets flexible?

OH CRAP one thing I forgot to do, learn any Spanish at all.

¿dónde está el prado con grillos y las cámaras?

Still not getting the hang of this


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